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Argyle Landscapes - Design

Design of a landscape project is paramount to the ultimate success of any garden. Landscaping in the Southern Highlands can prove challenging, but with the correct design, these challenge can be overcome.

Argyle Landscapes is able to provide a range of design services varying from a suburban back garden to a large rural property. The design service can be tailored to meet your budget and the degree of detail required. Our plans can range from a simple do-it-yourself option to more detailed Civil Construction plans.

At Argyle landscapes, we offer a full range of design services ranging from a concept plan, which outlines broad areas and movement through your garden, to a full set of working drawings, including planting plans and detailed construction specifications.

The design process starts with an initial site meeting, to determine the needs and wishes of the client and identify the specific characteristics of the site.  From this initial meeting, the extent of the design service is determined with the appropriate designer being employed.

Argyle Landscapes has a close association with leading Landscape Architects and Civil Engineers, and together with its own team, can provide a design service to suit your needs.

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